Sunday, May 16, 2010

just a thought

Allright..First things first.My crush life is screwed up bad.Nothing is happening,and I feel nothing ever will.Like Sourav Pandey said,somethings are never meant to be.And with much hesitation..I should agree.Maybe its for better things to follow up in the future.

Allright.So this post is random.Coz am in love.Love with the concept of conversation.We all need a decent conversation to spruce up a rather dull day.And Yes,I do have a friend,who lights up everyday of mine with an awesome conversation.
He's awesome.The best buddy I could have found right now.I needed him.I found him.He's special.Because he's like no one I ever knew.He's different.He understands my dumbness,gets weirded out by my weirdness.I Love him..coz he's the best thing that has happened to me since...since..this awesome chineese I had a week ago.. :P

Nah,he's more to me than my food.He's my gummie bear.He's miles away,but if he were by my side,i'd give him the tightest hug ever.Awww...He's *supa-dupa* awesome.And everytime I talk to him,its sheer happiness in life.You know one of those days,when everything around you is dull.But this one voice lights you up.He's that to me.A simple message from him makes me smile like a total kiddo.Aww,I love you so.

By the way,I went to Dadar today with my dad and I tell him,the next train aint ours..and He says.."Tumhe kuch nahi pata".And I nod my head.I say,I'll go in the ladies compartment(because I get to sit aaram se),so he nods his head.And am so sure,the next train ain't ours,still.So I stay back,and my dad gets into the wrong train.And he calls me up to ask whether i did the same.On realising..I go..guffawwww....(laugh,that is).Crappy fun.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Dear amma,
Thanks for the lovely breakfast you just gave was *yummylicious*.
You have always been there for me.You still are,nagging around me telling me to oil my hair,set my clothes in the cupboard.Sometimes,I ask myself,why do you care so much.Nobody does,amma.Nobody cares how i walk,how i eat,whether I do or don't,how I dress,or how I carry myself.But you do.Infact you care a lot.
*Not that top,thats too buxom-revealing.not this one,you look so bad,or wear this one,you look preety,like my darling daughter*Why?
Why do you care so much?How can someone love the other so much?You wait for me to have lunch with you and nibble through your food on the days that I dont.Why?Why so much love?
I love you amma,but I wonder if the love I have for you matches that which you have for me.It dosen't.I wonder whether I can love anyone as much as you love me.Sometimes I wonder whether this much love exists.
You have shown me what real caring is.I don't know what to tell you on this mother's day,but I can assure you one thing inspite of the numerous bickerings we have,I will stick with you for ever,the way you you amma..!!♥ ♥

Friday, May 7, 2010


This blog wasn't supposed to be in your heart and all,but I couldnt stay away from the blog for long.All crap in life is done with,and I'm back.Do wait for more notifications now.