Sunday, December 13, 2009

Its over and out.

I've a few days,this blog wouldn't be on your blog notifications.
I've deicded to take it off your mind.
Off your heart.*gee..excuse me for that*
Well,it definitely dosent make sense to have an extremely intriguing idea to wrie about in your head,and no time for it.
Its real sad.
So erhaps this might just be my last post.
Loads of love to all.
Happy blogging.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trying to get it right.

What do you do,when life takes a new turn and gives you all the jitters in the wrong place...??Fucked up shit,na.?
That was what was in my life a few weeks ago.
So,I decided to spoil things even further.Its extrememly satisfying to be an object of self pity to others.Like exalting yourself to the supremo heights of sympathy.
So cutting the long crap short..Here's what I did-
*I tried to delete my blogger account.Period.
But my google account showed errors and I could not do it that day.And after that particular day,consideration swept over me for my 20 something followers.I culd not put them through much pain for my sake so I skipped the idea.

*I tried to eat my mom alive.quite hypothetically.That was not possible either.So I skipped that too.Too formidable for an idea?

*I tried to get into a relationship with the biggest sucker on this planet I knew,and make meself look like a stupid goat,but he just couldn't beieve the luck of his life when I approached him.So he JUST turned off.Can you digest that??

*I tried my hand at learning to drive scooty with as much intensity a la *dhoom*..thought i'd kill myself in the bargain and it would turn out to be whole lot of fun.But I ended up learning the scooty.Wheeeeeeeee.......

*So well,I was acting like a desperate grief-addict so my mom scolded me real hard,some improvement in self-sympathy.

P.S.Suggestions are truly welcome.I'm always a go for free advice.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

my grief.

When your particularly low and when you want everything to work well,it just dosen't happen..!!

I am indeed in such a burnig phase.

And then my blog gets hacked again.

tune in for more of Meher's woes,until i rewind myself.