Things As I see it

Hello, My name is Meher, and I'm a regular 18 year old with some weird ideas in my head. Not. Only not regular. I have a penchant for words and I share a very deep relation with them. 

The opinions expressed in the blog are solely mine. My writing may or may not appeal to you, that you may let me know in the comments section.
If you like it and have a few nice words to share, I really appreciate it.
If you do not like it, and have healthy criticism to offer, I appreciate that too.
Please refrain from using derogatory remarks/abusive language, cause your comments will thence be deleted. Put your point across in healthy language.

I'm an ambitious person and I have sort of thought about how I want my future to be.
I love writing, so much so that when I see or observe something, words start forming in my head. Yes, that creepy it is. For instance if I see/notice anything peculiar, then I start thinking that I were to write anything about this, what would I write. And I start forming sentences in my head. Of course, most of them are made in a state of excess busy-dum [which is not a word, by the way], so they never find their place in my  blog. But still, I live by forming sentences.

I like-
-listening to music
-being taken on a nice drive
-watching people indulge in their creativeness
-not eating
-breaking bubbles on a bubble wrap paper
-brushing my hair
-writing [oh wait, I already wrote that, but then I love it double more so it's okay]
-learning French
-trying to crack photoshop and the hype around it.
-writing html codes that don't work.
-and some other nonsensical things.

I do not like
-stuck up, self -obsessed people
-skinny people
-wasted someone
-and a host of other things very important for me to be disliked.

I have two blogs. Something which you already know by now. This blog is more for my personal space of opinions. Hope you like it.