Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The one who calls Peter the big fat ass.

Stewie Griffin has to be the coolest thing to happen to animation world, since Homer Simpson, just that he's a tad too much better than Homer. Well, the point is, Stewie is awesome.
Fancy a one year old who refuses to grow older, an american who speaks with a peculiar British accent, throw in some super sardonic villainousness, and also loads of gyaan on pop culture, rocket science, and slick weaponry, and there, you have Stewie Griffin.

Amidst some drunken banter, me and my friend came to the conclusion that guys, generally (strictly referring the ones we've interacted), are slow. Ask them to describe a goal that happened a day before, and they'd go berserk going all mumble, tumble and shumble. But tell them anything remotely complicated, a tense silence sets in, cause their little brains fail to grasp in any emotion remotely complicated. Its sad actually. Though, I'd love to meet a guy who's a bit sorted up there.
Some really classic shit says that you tend to be honest when you're drunk. So I promised a guy something. Something really serious. And I also told him, that its something I'l stick by forever.
Some promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep..
from the computer table to the bed,
what is it that rhymes with a poem ( partly stolen) so deep?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A la mirage.

Like some pretty smiles, far between. 
And the necessary glances, sometime witnessed.
She lives, almost unobtrusive.
As ambiguously as a mirage,
Uncertainly, she lives.
The smiles, that evade her eyes, 
and the laugh that does not reach her lips.
She's a tentative little thing.
Easy to ignore, 
hard to not be loved. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

8 fears.

Day 8.

7-Loosing a limb
6-Loosing the ability to produce anything creative.
5-Not being able to achieve what so ever I've thought for myself.
2. Loosing sight.
1-Loosing the few people I love the most in the world.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Illuminate the No's on their vacancy signs.

Some bittersweet memories,
mostly cute ones,
some tu me manques, 
some te amo-s.
Love is dreamy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

9 Loves.

9. Rain, rather walking in it, getting wet in every possible way. Throw on a pair of shorts, and I'm good to go. Also, sitting at the window, with a coffee mug in hand, and some good music, and the rains providing the much needed comfort. 
8. Soft fuzzy clothes, something you can hug while sleeping comfortably.
7. An excellent conversation. If you give me one, I'd be good to you for life.
6. Pav Bhaji / Chinese food. Yum yum yum! 
5. Music, eternal love.
4. Books, rather the smell of a freshly bought book. Its temptation enough.
3. Writing. 
2. Mum and dad. 
1. S.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 secrets.

10- I've been writing since as long as I can remember. Rather, I don't remember life when I didn't write.
9-Only people who are/were close to my heart have the power to hurt me. The rest, don't matter.
8-I don't like to act clingy with people I was once close to, who've drifted apart. But only I know how much I miss them.
7-I genuinely fail to notice anything pretty about myself, I find ever girl way prettier.
6-I love music, so much so, that when I write, I make it a point to simultaneously listen to my favorite songs, they make my lines so much more better.
5-For me, an excellent conversation is such a turn on. I've had a crush on all those guys with whom I've had awesome conversations [there have been just two ].
4-I'm changing as a person, at an alarming rate. Though I'm the same, deep down, but outwardly, I don't remember being this cut off from world ever.
3-I'm not good at keeping friends. Maybe its my fault.
2-I love everything about S.
1-My anger scares me, sometimes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


How about some anonymity?
Away from the pace of it all,
away from abnormal-cy,
away from emotions rendered stupid.
A bit of silence.
Some words unsaid, some facts unknown,
in perfect spirits,
with the breeze fluttering by,
and the thoughts, only not.
Some smiles, a bit of touch.
Some normalcy,
and the feeling of perfection.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some doubts.

I wait, under the shaded uncertainty,
to catch your fleeting presence
It comes, or maybe not.
It's a very weird world out there, strange.
Everybody smiles, while we're in the mystery of doubt. 

I'm happy these days, though very very busy. Internship is deep shit. Yep. I could almost write a book on life as an intern. Yep almost. No, wait, I can't. But I'm doing okay. 
If I have a nice idea in my head, should I go to my editor to talk about it. It scares me. What if he thinks of me as someone worthless to even have an idea like that? I've never been so silent in my life as I'm at work. What if I tick off anybody. I'd better be careful, than sorry.

Also, I got awarded again by Kaylia who writes in this wonderful space here. I'm so happy, thank you so much.

As per the rules, I need to write 7 random things about myself something i can't totally come up with right now. So, i'l do it the latest I get some quality time for my blog.
Till then, swoon to the Grapevine Fires. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pain, stays.

I may profess my emotional strength, claim to be very strong. I can hide my tears under smiles of fortitude. I'm not that strong, not the least bit. When i cry, my inner recesses hurt, like so much, death and everything else could seem sweeter. Maybe it is. Physical pain, you cry over for some minutes. In fact, I don't remember the last time I cried when I got physically hurt. It's been a while. A while.
Emotional pain is hard to take. It hurts every inch of your body. You cry with your face engrossed in a pillow, hair remains scattered, so are the tears. For whom? Nobody at all. Cause, frankly, nobody really cares. It's a very egoistic world out here. You could be weak enough to take the phone and call back, even if its not your mistake, even if its you who's hurt, even if its you who's crying. You'll still call. You'll cry a bit more, hang up. The call is not returned, neither is the care. Its a strong egoistic world out there. Stronger than you. And someday, it will crush you. So bad, your recesses will hurt ten times more. The pain will be too much to take. All the foot steps taken will be on roads that lead to your opposite end. Its a cruel world out there. And its happier than you are. Your care will always be unreturned. Always. And Forever and a day.  
My recesses hurt, real bad. But it will be taken care of, by sleep, that over comes fatigue and sadness, and grief.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

And if you'd took to me....

My last post was almost a week back. Isn't that surprising considering that I've been haunting your dashboards with my posts, again and again since two-zero-one-one struck? But then I was super duper idle then, and crowded by ideas. But now, it seems to be a different deal altogether.
Yes, I'm not idle anymore. Yes, I'm employed. And yes, I'm 18.  Do I like my workplace? Yes, I love it, considering there was no way, I thought that I'd end up here. Am I being paid? Uhmm, I guess not. But does it matter? Not much, really. Fancy working at a place that's touted to be the second best in India without even having started with graduation. Its awesome. Do I get bullied? No. Am I asked to get coffee and run office errands? No, either. So, its all good. There, you got all your questions answered. Thant's one incentive less to not comment. But, if you do, it will just double my happiness. *Nudges*

Also, I think that its very important to have someone around to count on. The kind, with whom you might have numerous fights, but you go snuggling to that person by the end of it all. It's nice to fight too, it makes you realize how much you feel for a friend/parent/boyfriend when they're super pissed off at you.

And, have a quick look at this video. It's super funny. This guy in the video, is so obsessed with coffee, it makes him almost psychotic and crazy. Sometimes, I shudder at the thought, cause I love coffee so much. But still, this video is really insane.