Monday, June 28, 2010

mirchi lagi..!!??

I'm trying to write.I seriously am.It just ain't coming today.So,I'm typing random crap.
I'm very happy today.I've never been this happy since a really long time *touchwood*.
In fact,I'm *supa dupa* happy since last night.Maybe its you <3 <3.My mum thinks I'm nuts though.She always thought i was one big nut anyways.
Ever sat in front of the tv..watched a supa corny Govinda movie?Replete with pelvic thrusts?I just did.gee*
*Main to raste se jaa raha tha..main to bhel puri kha raha tha,tujhe mirchi lagi to main kya karu* and all that.hehehe..
Govinda is god-sent.An awesome thing to happen to humans.Or something along those lines.
I was at Marks & spencer,a week ago.And a man was asking his friend whether he should buy the blue boxers or the hot pink

Friday, June 25, 2010

aint PMSing..

It was sad from the very start.All depressing.NO,this ain't PMS.This is just pathetically sad.

Its when,you want to roll yourself in a corner of your room,and cover your face.
Its when you don't want people hovering about you.
Its when you're cranky for no particular reason,and tears stream down your eyes just like that.
Talking to someone is the last thing you want to do.
And then you open your blog,and you lose a follower.How depressing can that get.

But then I talk to you,and am all smiles agin.*sigh*

Monday, June 21, 2010


I've been sleeping a lot lately.everything puts me to sleep.Even coffee.
I'm writting this.I actually want to turn off the computer and snuggle into the bed.
This is stupid though.
The rainy season was supposed to have set in mumbai.but then it dosen't rain since the past two days.
My mobile's become old.The numbers are not visible on the keypad anymore.My mum wonders how I still end up texting with alarming alacrity.*Its talent,babay*.Thats what I tell her.true story.
The sky's all clear.It won't rain today.Fuck meteoroligists.No good.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A month of love...

Yay...its a been a month of love today,and I couldn't have been happier.Just a week before the last month,I was failing to understand things.Now,everything is jet clear.
I'm in love with the most awesome guy on planet earth.
We're happy.
We're cool.
We're stupid.
But most importantly,we're together(thats the best thing).

I must be crazy now
Maybe I dream too much
But when I think of you
I long to feel your touch

To whisper in your ear
Words that are old as time
Words only you would hear
If only you were mine

I know that you'd feel the way that I do
And I'd whisper these words as you'd lie here by my side

I love you,
please say You love me too,
these three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together
Till the end of time

Well maybe i, I need a little love yeah
And maybe i, I need a little care
And maybe i, maybe you, maybe you, maybe you
Oh you need somebody just to hold you
If you do, just reach out and I'll be there

I love you,
please sayYou love me too
Please say you love me too
Till the end of time
These three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together

I love this song.I don't know if I'm crazy,but I sure as hell do know that what I feel for you is insane.Happy first *monthaversary* baby.I love you.

P.S.I've edited the song a trifle just to make sense to how we feel. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love is you.

Love happens.No,it dosen't happen when two beautiful looking people bump into each other at the bus stop.No,it dosen't even happen when you know the guy from the 4th grade and yearn for him to notice you once,whereas he passes you off as his closest bud.It happens with *want*.Ask me.

I felt for a guy.Knew him for the 4th grade.He did,he didn't.I have no fucking idea.He was just tepid..yeah.

But then *you* happened.You were there all along the last 2 years.We never realised something was ever gonna happen.
I thought he was the smartest guy I've ever met.He was magnetic.Friendship was meant to be.We went on with our worlds,that were monotonous,troublesome...and all that was anti-special,never once realising,that we'd just turn it upside down if we'd be together.We were dumb enough not to see that.

But then we were always meant to be together na.not-with-standing(I always like this word written this way) your stupid ex,nor my troubled past,nor the very recent crush I had.SO love happens.It happened.In a way I've never experienced before.It was surreal.There was no time to think.No time to analyse.This was it.We had to fall in love.

I don't care if we're long distance.I don't care if it might take me another 4 months to be with you in person.Make that a year,I still don't care.I want you,like I've never wanted anyone else ever.I love you,to the point of total distraction.You're on my mind the whole day,every second,ever moment.

Yes,I love everything you do.Even when you dedicate the horniest hindi song in the world for me..just to make me giggle,I love you more.When you sing me a song,I love you even more.When you wait for me to call you,I love you more.Every love song reminds me of you.You're that kind,the awesome kind,who makes me want to love you more and more.

You're my prince charming,my archetypal lover..and all thats fairy tale and mush.

You're romance for me.

I love you.And yes,we'll pull it through,all the way.♥ ♥ ♥