Friday, July 30, 2010

Everything I've been dreaming.....

Its effing surreal.This is the lovesick me,typing out sweet nothings almost every single time.Every damn time.I can't help it.I possibly can't seem to think of anything else.This happiness is what dreams are made of and now its for real.Damn you,S.You're something.Almost too good to be true.
Last evening,while talking on the phone with a friend,I etched out small hearts on a page in the telephone directory.I'm that crazy.True.Story.
I'm in love with the thought of being in love.You get that,right?
Until more into the crazy mind (gee *heart*)of this lovesick teen.ta-ta.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm a bitch,yeah.not kiddin'

Yeah,so allright.This is a phase and I fucking know that.I'm amiable vaise toh,trust me.
But then,there are these moments,the loony ones,where I get all irritable.The writer's block comes over me,I dont write(I can't,rather) and I reply in monosyllables,majorly i choose not to reply.So you'd know how irritating it would be for people who have to deal with me then.
Especially S,I think I drive him supa crazy and insane,though he dosen't utter a single word against me.That's the thing with him.He wouldn't say a single word that might sadden me in any way.He's a sweetheart,and I know that.When I'd be going through these phases,he'd be the sweetest possible.He's all awwness,and I :heart: him.
So,here is his,being his warmest self to me and I reply in monosyllables.I hate it.I don't wan't to do it.Yeah,I can be such a despicable person.But then he manages to say the awesomest things ever said,and makes me smile again.If I'm still sour,he'd even sing me a song.Yeah,he's that awesome.He's miles away,but he'd go down on his kness just to make me smile.
I hope that someday,Id be good enough to deserve everything good that he is.Someday,maybe I will.
I love you,S.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a teeny princess.NOT.

I was never pampered.Not ever.And its not a *rant*.You trust me,right?its not.Or maybe..
I'm a lone child.No siblings.I still wasn't pampered.*sigh*.
I was nobody's princess.I certainly wasn't.My parents love me.They totally do.But their's was an *am-not-coddling-you* sort of love.If i cried for something they didn't give me,they'd let me cry. My dad never praises me.If I did something that I thought was awesome,all he'd say was *good*.And if he is in an uber awesome spirit,he might hug me for that,but no praises came my way.My mum is still a little indulgent.
I was never the princess in my school too.With all humility,I will admit,I was one of the famous kids,the smarter ones,the well spoken,but I wasn't pampered by anyone.
And then,I came to junior college,and I spent the shittiest two years of my life.Being an ICSE student in a state board college,has its own pros,but it comes with a hell lot of perils.While on one hand,you have a certain section of your class who are awe-struck and who god-worship you,there is another section who deem you as the ultimate bitch,the snob,the show-off.Yes,I was assumed to be all that too.
And I rarely attended college,to be pampered by the professors,so no chance there.
I have two brothers,who I meet once in a year.I absolutely love them,they do too :),but they don't pamper me either.
Maybe,because I've done uber awesome things not to deserve it.I have..
1.Stolen their t-shirts,and worn them without their permission.
2.Worn their slippers,which would be dangling on my feet,never-the-less.
3.stolen their watches,and hide them for days.
4.Hit them.(Am horribly cute :P)
Now,there is this one guy,who can't seem to think of anything else other than me(his words).Maybe,I'm his pricess.Maybe this one time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A languorous bitch..??hell,yeah..!!

So,well,there was this bitch of a girl.She was weird.She thought weird things,and she did weird stuff.Not like anybody cared of what she thought.Nobody cared for her existence anyways.But well,she existed in her own weird way.
So,well this bitch didn't have friends.So,she had nothing to do ever.So all she did was think.
She moved in a dreamy way.When she walked,nobody would notice her.So,she lived in oblivion.You might think that she liked it that way.Nay,she hated it.But,she didn't have a choice.
So,well,I told you that all this bitch did was think.She thought about a life,totally different form what she lived.She yearned for a friend,a lover,someone who would care for what she was.
One day,not a bright one at that,she grew tired of her incognizant living.So,she did the unthinkable.She drifted into the forbidden forest.People were aghast.But then,they didn't really care.
Do you know what happened after that?No,you don't.Read on.
The cruelty and indifference of life was too much for her to bear.She spotted the lake.She freed herself of the burden of her clothes,and slipped into the cool water.She waded in all her nakedness,and she thought.And then she felt something warm slither up her legs.With great effort,she looked down,to see something,maybe human,maybe not,looking at her with an inviting gaze.She wanted to give herself to it.She did.That thing,with loads of tattoos on its body,claimed the bitch,and engulfed her,and entered into her which left her tantalizing for more.And then it left,just like that.In her dreamy oblivion.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Under the starry sky..or something along those lines

We're long distance.You might have figured this out by now.
Of late,I havent' been blogging about anything else.Its either about him or us.He says that would irk the few followers that I have pretty bad.But bear with me,I'm in love :))*sigh*.
We talk every night.True.When the sky is adorned by the stars,and the moon shines with all its senile beauty,we don't seem to care.We talk.
Two people.Two hearts.Miles away from each other.Talking of a tomorrow where they would be together,for real.
And I've turned into this supa weird romantic now.All because of him.
So,well,randomly,I was just thinking.Of two people separated by miles,united under a starry sky.All emotions flow.No restraints.Both of them lost in each other's arms.Isn't that supposed to be beautiful?
I'm weird.I know.
But I effing want it.A union under a starry sky.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love and the distance.(Part 1)

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our frnds would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way

This is the first song he sang for me.Awesome na..??♥ ♥

Friday, July 9, 2010


Is happy.
Longs for you.Smiles.Is happy..!! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fictional reality

The distance hurts.Its creepy sometimes.There's someone you adore and you want to be close to him everyday,every second and every single moment and you can't.Hurts.You yearn for his touch,his hug and you don't get it.Hurts.I always thought the prolonged yearn for someone is superficial.It ain't that.Its bloody well deep.And it hurts.
So when you're all alone with the phone in your hand waiting for him to text,you think.Of a possible reality.What could have been had he been here,next to you.What would it be like,when he'll actually be next to you.You think.And then you miss him more.You talk to him till your eyes close and you want to talk to him as soon as your eyes open.The craving is deep.You smile because you're so happy that he's with you.You cry because you miss his physical presence.He makes you laugh because he can't see you sad for a second.He cries,because amidst the smiles,he has a heart that misses you crazy too.You miss him,he assures you he'll be there for you soon.He misses you,you do the assuring.
Every night,as I lie down on my bed,you're the person I think about.Your the person I want to be with.Your the person I want to snuggle close to.Its hard,very hard.
But then you make it easy.You turn out as the awesomest person to have ever been in my life,that I cannot help but wonder,that if it ain't you,its no one else.
There's this effect he has on me,every time we talk,that leaves me drooling over him.He leaves me mushy eyed.And the world seems a more brighter place to look at.
Things wouldn't have been the same without you.I wouldn't have been the same without you.And I like the present me.So,I guess..this is what it has to be. ♥

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My sins against gender stereo-types..!!

I've never been tagged much.*rant*.But now that I have by this very dear blog mate-Dipti,I'm all game for it.

So here's the tag-Please list atleast 10 things you've ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.
The tag is called *My sins against Gender-stereotypes*.And you must tag 12 blogging friends or else you will be cursed to wear blue pants if your a woman and pink shirts if you're a man for the next 12 years.

ohk..I'm blank..!! we go..
1.Around the 6th and the 7th std,I was addicted to caps.Not the round pansy ones,but those baseball caps.They were my ultimate temptation.I am not so much addicted to them but i still like wearing a cap once in a while.

2.uhmm...I love gadgets.Not that I'm a pro at using them.It takes me time to decipher a gadget,but i still love using swanky ones and the feel of them in my hands.

3.Whenever I see pictures of these sexy girls dressed in the ultimate seductive lingerie,I flinch.I cannot bring myself to wearing that.I will always prefer my shorts and loose t shirts to bed.

4.I hate flowers.Looking at them is ok(though i never do it).Being gifted flowers is bad.And oh,I hate cats.(always thought liking cats is a girl thing),infact,I dont have any love for any sort of animal.*sigh*

5.Till the 8th grade,I hated painting my nails.It used to creep me out.Very bad.It dosen't anymore.

6.I don't own sandals.Not even now.I'm ashamed to admit,but the thought of shopping for those lady-like sandals always creeps me out.I own three pairs of converse and one pair of sturdy sports shoes and loads of chappals(two pairs being distinctly male)but no sandals.SO,I don't wear ethnic much,because the footwear creeps me put.

7.I love black.I swear by everthing that is black.My wardrobe looks black.Well,almost.

8.I hate with a capital H...absolutely hate Taylor swift,Hannah montana/miley cyrus(or whoever she is ),Selena Gomez,and all female disney charachters.

9.I hate dolls.Whenever I was gifted one as a kid,I'd amputate its limbs,and pop its blue eyes out(which makes me wonder..why do all dolls have blue eyes..!!!???).

10.I have no affiliation for cooking.Cook for me,I'm a good eater. :P.

Forgive me,I'm not good at tagging.DOn't understand how to come about it.

So,I tag *you*.Go,do your tag. :)