Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random things you don't want to read.

Its sunday.And in two days time,I will officially be an engineering student.When I was a kid,I thought engineering is the coolest thing ever,and I so wanted to be one.I still want to.But over the years,I've seen it losing its novelty.Every friggin' nobody is an engineering student.Most of them pull out after the first year.And most of them struggle through it,with the poorest of grades.People with absoultely un-delightful marks in their +2 opt for it,making me crinch.Most of them secure a seat,with huge amount of money in their father's bank account,or some *connections*,or because of the quota system.I've always condemned them,but who the fuck listens to me? [Some gut feeling tells me,I'll be a good engineer :P]

I got a new haircut,and it looks FAB.The hair is all bouncy,and its not always that I feel pretty.I want to upload a pic,but then,my epic phone requires a different data cable,that isn't available everywhere. *Waiting for a new digi cam* =).

I feel so loserly lately.I've done nothing remarakable.Some,I don't want to.But never-the-less,life is one big boring slide show.
I've never gone clubbing.I've never seen a porn video[purely out of choice].I haven't watched Avataar [its big deal,isn't it?].I haven't watched Sholay-the entire film[seen it in bits and parts] and supposedly,you can't do that if you're an indian.I haven't got shit drunk.I've never danced atop a table.I've never worn hot pants.I've never had a tattoo.Not even the fake sticker ones.I haven't had a lip piercing.I haven't got my hair coloured or straightened or curled.I have never worn a tank top or a corset.I'm a virgin.I've never been on a plane.I've never been asked out by a super hot guy.I've never followed a diet.I've never done fasting.I've never been to a gym :P
I've always had an idea of writing a post like this one.I took the incentive from this.

While returing from Churchgate yesterday,I took this train.There was a fat girl,with garish pink lipstick,super tight slacks,ugly tee,and no slippers with a huge bag,sleeping in it.She was sleeping,in a way,that all the aunties thought she was dead.And then she wakes up,eats three chapattis,gobbles down a bottle of nimbooooz and then gets down at andheri and walks barefoot.Lol.

I duuno why I've uploaded this pic.A blogpost without a pic is boring.The post is random,so is the pic.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have a PHD in embarassing myself.True.Story.

Effing shit,man.Its an art.How effortlessly I go about embarassing myself in every god damn place.Take this-
-The other day,I was at this mall with my dad.Allright confession #1-escalators freak the shit out of me.True.Story.So,it was a saturday evening,the mall was super-crowded.So we decide to go down the escalator.I hold onto my dad's hand tight while this 7 year old girl goes hop,skip and jump over it.WtF..!!7 year-olds are supposed to be scared of escalators.
I saw this pathetically dressed up girl at the mall.Wearing the worst clothes ever.And fluorescent pink lipstick.Whaaaaaatthefaaaak..!!Anyways,I was so absorbed into noticing how pathetic she was,I ran into a pillar.Yeah,you heard that right.Baaam!went my nose.Still hurts,you know. :(

Anyways,dont you guys think Calvin & Hobbes are the coolest people ever.I'd want to be Calvin if I weren't me.And S could be Hobbes maybe.heha.I'm sure he's going all WTF now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yet another year....

Krishna Mandar was sitting on his favourite couch.He had got it from Spain when he had gone for vacationing with his family last year.That was the last vacation he had  had with his son,Raj,who was now studying in Switzerland.His daughter was away for a shopping spree with her friends to London.God,that girl so loved to shop!If she had her way,she'd spend all the money that he had acquired  earned on her shopping.He let out a small chuckle.
He was scheduled to meet his secretary now and then the destitute slum people half an hour later,but that can wait.The independence day speech was more important.
Roy entered the minister's palatial house.It was beautiful with rich french interiors.A common man would wonder how the minister could afford that with a 20K salary.But Roy knew the secrets.He was the inside man.
"Here comes,my man",exclaimed the minister as he settled down with a scotch,"So what's the deal tomorrow.The Independence day,eh?".
"Hmmm,yeah.You've been invited to the Varsity B-school for the flag hoisting ceremony",he stated as he fumbled with some sheets.
"So,you would be invited to grace the occasion with a speech,so I thought we should discuss what you would like to talk about",he replied.
Roy was waiting for a reply.
"I don't want a Q&A round.These kids,they end up asking anything dragging me into futile controversies",was all he said.
Roy sighed,"Allright.I'l notify them about it.So,what would you want to talk about?Inflation,the CWG fiasco...and.."
"No no,are you mad?No contoversies please",interrupted the minister.
"What then?"
"oh,the usual.Poverty,education..."
"Won't that be a tad too repetetive?"
"Ah...who cares?Flag hoist karke,do teen shabd bol kar chal aayenge,bas."
This was yet another independence day,thought Roy.Yet.Another.
"Allright.I'll get the speech written in an hour.Should I get the car drawn,you need to visit the slum dwellers now?"
"Kya?Oh,yeah...nahi,they can wait.I'll go get some nap.This conversation has tired me to no end."
"But sir,you'd get late."
"Chalega,let it be.And yeah,Preeti needed some money in London.Get the bank to wire some to her,like 3000$.I'll go,get some sleep."

God,how much he hated this job,he sighed,as he left the mansion.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coz she's happy....

Meher is very happy today.For random reasons.
She's been smiling since the time she's woken up ,11:30 a.m.,i.e.Waking up late always makes Meher happy.
She's had her bath for 45 minutes today,enjoying herself in the icy cold water.Yes,water makes her happy too.
She had her wtf moment,when her mum was nagging over her.But then she started smiling again. :)
She's wearing light blue pajamas with small brown teddies over it.Blue colour and teddies make her happy too.She super cute and adorable,I know. :P
She's been talking to S all day.S makes her happy all the time.
She's wearing her favourite red t. :)
Her hair is looking awesome.That makes her happy.
She's writing this post.That makes her happy too.Yeah,she can't stop smiling. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010


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How much time is too much time?Or,how much time is too little.
With these thoughts racing through her mind,she sat down.Her increased heart beat told her,that this is not what it was meant to be.
This had always felt right.When they were young teens walking hand in hand in the college campus,it felt just right.They were kids.They were asumed to have a casual fling.But god,they didn't.It was love.Not some teeny-weeny love affair.The real one,the mature one.Yes,it was love allright.
They grew up,the love remained.Or so,they thought.They were petty issues,there always were.She sighed,thats the thing with teenage love addicts,they think everything can be worked upon.And they did,temporarily ofcourse.
They got married.Was it then that it went downhill.She sighed.Having had a difficult childhood,she had wanted her marriage to be the best thing ever.More than that,she wanted her marriage to stay.
She looked at the rock on her finger.That was the best day of her life,and her blood flow got all pulsating.She heard them laughing.
This wan't the time for reminiscing those days,It was time to leave.Not for once,could she bear to see her with him in the same house.
It changed so fast.Coming late for work,frequent day-outs with friends.But all thats done.
It was time for the goodbyes.

The man she loved,for the last 10 years had changed.He was the one she had her first kiss with.He was the one to whom she had submitted herself,physically,emotionally and mentally.And he didn't belong to her anymore.
It would be painful to utter the word.This wasn't right,he had been her's always.How could they part?How could he ever love someone else,after all the promises that they had made?Had she asked too much from God..??
Her last week in the house,had gone into planning this very moment again and again.She had promised herself,that she wouldn't be any weaker.She'd wish him all the luck in the world (yeah,right*),and would make a graceful exit.But as she went down the stairs,she felt her feet growing numb.
"Fuck",she murmured under her breath.She stopped,midway.Took in the air around her slowly.Tried to let the feeling sink in.It was goodbye time after all.As she walked down again,she saw them slipping into his room.Arm in arm,smiling.Not once,had he looked back.Not once.Not a glance.She's didn't even get his goodbye.
Tears streamed down her face.She wiped them,took a piece of paper,wrote down the seven letters and slowly hissed,"Goodbye,love".

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Rain,love and everything thats happy :)

I'm sitting here and writing this post,I'd rather..
-go for a trek on a hill,scream my lungs out,in my fawesome voice (for no particular reason),drench myself,and sit down,content and go berserk in the weather.just like that.
-walk..along clean roads(which aren't water logged :P),get wet in the rain,and have steaming hot cuppa coffee..
-run to delhi (if only it were that close *sigh*) ♥
-find comfort in the arms of a super soft teddy bear (its a lovely feeling)
-go to marine drive,get wet,and let the water from the sea fall all over me(trust me,Mumbai is the place to be during the rains)
-play my playlist,switch on the a/c,get under the softest shawl possible and sleep.
But,I'm sitting here writting this..
yo,am a loser.