Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Conversation perils.

It starts, without much ado. 
Like the silence that seeps into awkward conversations, 
when there's nothing more to ramble upon.
'Cause goodness, as a virtue ceases to exist.
And you and I perform, to the tunes of our opinionated rhythms.
Diplomacy, well maintained.
As you and I smile, trying to scrape through the cloddishness. 
If I would have been the spectator, and not the actor,
how heartily would I have laughed, oh how heartily! 


CATGIRL !! said...

seriouslyy..i just thought it was an absurd old time verse...but pondering over the last 2 lines made me jolt to reality
if i were a spectator..seeing how we try to keep Diplomacy intact n trying to win over each other wid our opinons i sure wud hav laughed heartily at the FUTILE, FUNNY USELESS ATTEMPTS\


Anonymous said...

ugh you've summed it up perfectly. Thanks for dropping by =]

Need a new template but the others are even worse :-\
Following you,


Anonymous said...

A nice writeup :) I've changed my blog url. You can RSS to my posts at new url;

Cyniqueen said...

Wow! You captured the emotion spot on

aakash said...

True. We live a thousand lives just to realize in the end that we were living someone we hated the most.
One strange, funny puzzle called life and we blame ourself :)