Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not much.

When you see my life through your glasses of scrutiny, do you see any hints of perfection?
Maybe yes, maybe not.
And as I sit here, trying to state, in no uncertain terms, how hollow I feel inside of me, my words fail me, one more time.
I can't not talk as well as I did a few years back, anymore.
Its just been a gradual, downward spiraling progression, that just happened.

So, maybe, perhaps, I could just type with no pre-conceived notions of how this blog post shall be.
Yes, I have an empty feeling bothering my insides, and I absolutely do not like it.
Maybe its just how I feel for us, that brings about these tumultuous changes. How, in spite of the fact that we are annoyingly similar, we can be poles apart. How, you're the person I want to talk yet not want to talk to at the same time. How my emotions for you are as apparent and as real as heart-beats.
Damn. I've said enough.


Sam B said...

Hope things are fine with you. Take care Meher.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Not enough. Vent out a little more too. Because, he'll not talk the way he talked, and you'll never be able to fully pretend that nothing happened. So vent it out, once and for all. The emptiness.

Blasphemous Aesthete

aakash said...

completely agree with BA's comment above.. You need to open up, let go, hold some, but get out of those fuzzy lines..
I wish you be as awesome as ever very soon..