Saturday, December 31, 2011

The drama.

Retrospection is a mind-fucking reality. Its a realisation that's peeping in a bit too late. I cannot sit here, battling with fever, and try to recall the good, the bad and the ugly things that have hit me in the year that's ending in half an hour. There are times when the emo, daft child in me sat victimsed, crying and loathing every entity with a fucked up cynicism. And there were times, she chose to be a bitch. One question, does self happiness and peace count more than sympathy, care and concern?
This year was the first time I was in love and the first time I chose to be out of it. With misandry ruling, what could have been a peaceful and exciting tryst with newness, things just, well, went out of track. And there is a need, a very desperate, frantic need to run away from anything unstable. The feeling I cherish and like the most is constance. Stability, the works, that's my zone. I cannot dabble with drama, and if too much is offered to me, I make a quick exit.
I was in love once, and it hurts that THAT will never happen to me, ever again.
With the augmentation of drama in this space, I'm making a move.
Happy new year, world. Let there be peace.


Anurag Rana said...

What is self happiness? And I didn't get your question, actually. Why is peace and content at the opposite side of care and concern? :S Care to elaborate?

Also, methinks Misogyny and Misandry is a temporary refuge for the lonely and the bitter. Must not take recourse to it.

Listen to this song and have an awesome 2012. Happy New Year, dear stranger!

Anurag Rana said...

Better Version

Soumi said...

THAT happens once only.Unlike you,I'm a sucker for everything 'unstable' though.Safety bores the hell out of me!But I DO get your point.Whatever happened,happened for good.I used to think it was such a cliched idea but I've got proofs later in life,more than once.The worst episodes of my life are the ones I'm thankful for today.Anyway,wish you a very very happy new year.Take care.Love.

Ovais said...

Love does hurt. Pretty badly, yeah.

Iqra said...

Hope you have an awesome 2012 instead :) xx