Thursday, March 8, 2012

I wish I could write blood,
and spew venom that's slowly forming base,
in those darkly coloured veins.
And as hysteria creeps in,
and pain is but an emotion stabbing at your heart,
Death is a sweeter medicine,
and love is but the evil.


Maryam A. said...

Nicely penned down. :)

Dreaming Wanderer said...

go on..
spew some more!!

loved it:)

Soumi said...

Nice...Love the strong jolt.

*Dark Angel* said...

i wish i could write blood too, and believe me pain is not the emotion but a emotional sword stabbing the heart.

Ajay Kontham™ said...

Nicely written. :)
Emotional, yet Beautiful.
Painful, yet the Truth.
Dark, yet Creative.

Neeraj Naidu said...

The poesy pierced my heart !!!

And as Hemingway said-
''I write in front of my typewriter and bleed''.