Thursday, May 10, 2012


Minutes seamlessly seep into hours and days. 
Yes, new internship takes up all my time, my social life is close to being dead, and blogging has taken a lazy backseat. But I'm not complaining, 'cause I love my work, not to mention my office and my colleagues friends. 
And music seems to be only and only about James Mercer.
The best part about working in a media house is the unlimited internet [read: facebook] access and music, all the time, through the headphones plopped in, every second.
I got my hand on the new shins album The Port of Morrow, and I plan to do a proper review for the same. 
I'm excited about it. It's been long I reviewed a band, and this time, it's more fun, 'cause I love The Shins, to an uncomprehending extent. So much that my love for James Mercer is unparalleled, and I might just tattoo the name of the band on me someday. You get the drift? 

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Pesto Sauce said...

Internships are always fun but sadly they don't last long...make most of the short time you have