Thursday, September 6, 2012


As I sit, every morning, carefully consuming every piece of article talking of regressively sexist assaults on women, I cannot help, but feel powerless and angry at the same time. The debate on which is the safer city can be put to rest, because the country, that so prides itself on respecting women is not safe for them, anymore.
While the government will fight over reservations and cartoons, and accuse abused women of political agendas, you may lose hope thinking that India's slowly shrinking to be a highly chauvinistic land of lost ideals.
So what do you do?
Must you sit back and let people trample you over?
So, must you look pained, when people accidentally brush past your breasts, or accidentally touch your ass, and look at you from top to bottom, as if you were a displayed mannequin? Or when they see you with a man, they give you the lewdest stares possible?
No, you fight back. Scream if you must, gather a crowd, hurl abuses. There is no need to be a lady when you aren't treated as one. Raise your hand. Have him arrested.
Join the Wilson TYBMM campaign against eve-teasing.
Find the facebook page here!

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Red Handed said...

being a lady does not being to be subservient to everything. Yes its high time aggressive steps are taken.