Monday, June 21, 2010


I've been sleeping a lot lately.everything puts me to sleep.Even coffee.
I'm writting this.I actually want to turn off the computer and snuggle into the bed.
This is stupid though.
The rainy season was supposed to have set in mumbai.but then it dosen't rain since the past two days.
My mobile's become old.The numbers are not visible on the keypad anymore.My mum wonders how I still end up texting with alarming alacrity.*Its talent,babay*.Thats what I tell her.true story.
The sky's all clear.It won't rain today.Fuck meteoroligists.No good.


Nikita said...

Meher..its same here in delhi...extremely hot weather that makes mood all the more sullen and dry..feel like doing nothinh atall..hope d days change soon..

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

I swear weather is bugging.The rains just lift your spirits up.
and funny..aaj tak says..*agle 48 hours mein mumbai mein dhuadhaar baarish*..
and then theres no rain.lmao.

D said...

when i wake up in the morning, i calculate the number of hours left to the time when i'll be in bed again.

haaa haaa haaa

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

thats typical me too.the bed is alluring.

Americanising Desi said...

i miss rainsssssssssssssss!!! and coffee has just been in my dreams so far! I need some caffeine in my system!

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@Divaa,thats an addiction for me too.
perfect is when it rains supa fierce,and you sit by the window and sip a hot cuppa coffee.

Roshni said...

You need a holidayyyy

Scribblers Inc said...

you crib bout rains? come to delhi! :|

Scribblers Inc.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@roshni..I do.I want to.but fuck the engg admissions..!! :(

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@Scribblers Inc
Rains in mumbai are awesome.worth cribbing me.