Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hate me.But tell me,you missed me?

I know you people out there are dying to hear from me.NOT.But its been 20 days,I wrote something,and *you* will not deter me from writing about my oh-so-not-delightful life.

I've been trying to write.Trust me,I am.But it just dosen't come.My engineering college is killing.Its how I didn't want my engineering college to be.I want to pack my bags and go on a long vacation.To some place I don't know of.With people speaking language,I haven't heard ever.That would be fun.I wan't to be alone for sometime.No,I'll keep my phone with me,to talk to S,all the time.He's *my last resort*.
Life seems stupid,to say the least.BORING.Is the word.Its pathetic.Trust me.
I wish I could have thousands of bucks in my mobile,so that I could talk to S all day long.He keeps me sane.
I wish,I wouldn't have some of my classmates hovering over me all the time.Some of them,I totally detest.
I wish,the world was full of people I liked. 
The bad ones could,well,go die.
I don't make sense.I know.But bear with me.I suck.These days,I totally do.True.Story.


Jaspreet said...

Lol...1st year of engg colg is like that only..but after that, no one is so vella as these people are :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

What? No, First year is the year with the highest number of subjects. Well don't you worry Meher, this will pass and you would be seeing it as the best part of your life. Just hand on, the best is yet to come.

Vagabond said...

Thats some insane ranting, whining, psming!

nikita said...
cheer up !! Why do you need thousand bugs to talk to S..We have best plans available these days...

smile girl !!!

Anonymous said...

Relax.. ur gonna wanna b in colg once u get outta it ;)
I had the illusion of being in a concentration camp...couldnt get any worse ! :D
Your colg is catering to ur "With people speaking language,I haven't heard ever" desire ;)
P.S: Missed the madness...

bebo ♥ said...

honestly missed u...:)
yes.....i too wish i cud delete few ppl n their memories out of my life...huh

Crazy Diamond said...

heheh aww...bored ha? im the most boring person on earth! u cant beat me at getting bored!

you are being missed again BTW! see ya soon

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@Jaspreet & @Blasphemous Aesthete Hope so.Right now its such a chaos.

@vagabond This ain't pms.this is what I go through ever day.

@nikita the best plans too aren't good enough. :( what's the bestest plan you know of?

@Kevin its insane man.I wanna :P

@bebo..hai na.Some people,you just don't want them.

@Crazy diamond you have competition.yeah! \m/