Sunday, October 17, 2010


The week's been stressful.Loads of practical work,and to top it all,three hours of sleep every night.Yes,every night.Late night phone calls,I love them so much,I can give up anything for it.Sleep,food..whatever.After a super stressful day,those few hours,talking to the one person who means the most to you is exhilerating.It's something I loOoOoOove.Drooling over his amazing voice,his accent,and the warmth,You know,what I love most about  sundays.No,not that I'm free the whole day,and I got no work to do.That could be your sunday.I'm shit busy and confused on a sunday.Confused coz there's so much to do,that I can't decide what to do.But What I absolute-fuckingly-love is the amout of time I talk to him.We stay connected the whole day.We talk whenver we can.We keep texting.We stay hooked,in the literal sense.
1.He has an amazing voice.So sesky :P
2.He's stupid.Yet,he's the smartest guy I've ever known.Yes,that's weird.I'm weird.He's weird too.
3.He's so awesome,he makes me feel like the awesomest chick on planet earth.
4.Its so comforting,his voice.
5.And I can't wait to talk to him again.Yeah,I want that,right


Sorcerer said...

Nice warm post on a cold night.

Good writeup

ps:First time here..Will be back!!

Ve said...

Nice!! Sounds like someone is in looooooovvveee!! and I know what you mean... doesnt matter that its dinner time, you dont feel like putting the fone down for even 10 min to eat... and even if you have to get up early, you'l still be talking till 3am!! Its a very nice phase to be in.. enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend...Nice Post :)

You Are In Love With Him :P Ya Its True..

I'd Expressed The Same Feelings Of Yours =P
Check Out My Post Too ... I Hope You'll Like It

& Follow Me..If You Like My Other Posts =P


Alpha Za said...

haha, cute post. You are certainly a barrel of puppy love contradictions. lots of love, overloaded even...good for you!

Mehak said...

hehe, your posts are just too cute. :) :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

God Bless !

Raj - Only name sake !! said...

Nice post!!

nothing beats the feeling of love!!

Only 3 hours of dsleep and I bet you will not fall sick..

MangoMan said...

ah, the way it starts!(: