Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm good.

Yeah,long time.An engineer's life is super consuming.Assignments,practicals,tests,and then assignments,practicals...and then more of them assignments.Its pathetic,really.No time for socialising.And my friends.Damn.Do they exist?Its been quite a while i met them.
Random things piss me off in college.Like super random things.I don't know why,But I'm such a bitch somtimes.I can get pretty tough on people.I can be very judgemental.I make an opinion about everything a person does or dosen't.I may not present it,to not sound to opinionated[sic.] but yeah,its always that way.And if something disturbs me big time,I have no qualms about showing that,and that too bluntly.I can be rude,very rude sometimes,to the point where you would hate me,downright.And sometimes,I can be sugar-sweet.Like,genuinely sweet.
I can be realy weird at times.You might not get what I say.You might want to drive me away.Sometimes,I can be the most entertaining company in the world.You might want to be with me endlessly.I can be stubborn about things.Really stubborn.And sometimes,I just let go.Of Soemthing or rather,someone super dear to me,I let them go.I don't impose.
Sometimes I can hate,or rather despise a person to a level of insanity.And in that hatred,I might say the dirtiest things to you.But sometimes,I love.Some-special-someone.I can love to a level of insanity too.
I cuss.Yes,I can be super crass and cheap.But sometimes,I choose to ignore you.Yes,you're not that important,not important enough to cuss at either.
I smile,sometimes I smile a lot.Like,giggling every other second.Yes,i can be a little girl too.Sometimes,I don't smile for hours.Certain times,I dress,in the awesomest manner possible.Sometimes,you'd think I'm a hippie.I dress,with not a care in the world about how I look.Yes,I'm me.I'm weird.But I like me.I think,Me is good.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

'Me' is a good girl :P

and yupp, engineering is a bitch!


MoonShine said...

I Can Also Understand!

I'd Written Poem Related To This..If You Want You Can Check Out

I Hope You Will Like It!

Ve said...

lol.. quite a ride you get on those moodswings huh?? At the end of the day, as long as it works for you.. like you said.. you're good! :)

Alpha Za said...

haha, you have what can aptly be referred to as a flexible personality.

Stay weird, being normal is boring.

MangoMan said...

I had the awesomest time engineering....had a four year vacation. well, the first year might be a bit of a pain!

and you're normal! you're just a little more expressive. everyone's equally random!!

Procrastinator said...

I'm suffering with Engineering, need I say more? :D