Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some doubts.

I wait, under the shaded uncertainty,
to catch your fleeting presence
It comes, or maybe not.
It's a very weird world out there, strange.
Everybody smiles, while we're in the mystery of doubt. 

I'm happy these days, though very very busy. Internship is deep shit. Yep. I could almost write a book on life as an intern. Yep almost. No, wait, I can't. But I'm doing okay. 
If I have a nice idea in my head, should I go to my editor to talk about it. It scares me. What if he thinks of me as someone worthless to even have an idea like that? I've never been so silent in my life as I'm at work. What if I tick off anybody. I'd better be careful, than sorry.

Also, I got awarded again by Kaylia who writes in this wonderful space here. I'm so happy, thank you so much.

As per the rules, I need to write 7 random things about myself something i can't totally come up with right now. So, i'l do it the latest I get some quality time for my blog.
Till then, swoon to the Grapevine Fires. 


Sourav said...

Certainty is boring, and doubts not always bad either!

Work/internship sucks anyway for anybody!

aakash said...

When I save a lot to write, I end up never sputtering it.
I guess, life doesn't need to be special to be written upon. I am sure you observe, ponder and live lots of stories around you. So do share it, coz we love them. :)
And if you find time, check my blog, done some tweaking. Would love ur feedback..
P.S.: I have skipped all the internships in my life till now :P


Nikita said...

Stay Happpyyyyyyyy

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

its interesting....well done!!

Jai Ho Mangalmay Ho

Anonymous said...

Yes everybody smiles. *Sigh* And very few people stop to see beyond that smile.

I love Death Cab For Cuties, especially their song "I'll follow you into the dark".

Meher said...

@Sourav Aww, thanks. You make me feel so much better :D

@Aakash As I have said. Ze blog looks awesome.

@Nikita :)

antara4ever Similar emotion. I heart Death Cab for Cutie, and the song too.