Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whining. true story.

I don't know, if crying over missed opportunities will help.
Yes, there will be talks of how awesome you are, and how you will ace it in the end. That's what they all say, that its the end that matters, but ask me, the interim does too.
Yes, ask me.


Poulomi said...

I feeeeeeeel just the same. TOTALLY!
Sucks, man. If only I could get back time.
Missed opportunities hurt. VERY MUCH :(

College admissions are scaring me now. :(
I fear I wont get through any college.
Whiner much :|

Iqra said...

Agreed, they do :( X

aakash said...

no it doesn't help looking back in life, procrastinating.. better live by the moment..

End matters if it has to be proved to others, process matters more when self-satisfaction is more important.


Rahul Bhatnagar said...

Of course the interim matters. Just because we don't know what exactly the consequences of our actions would be, doesn't mean we aren't responsible for them.

P.S. Really hope that the 'lost opportunities' here are actually life altering and retrospect inspiring and not something like 'college admissions', which trust me, don't even affect the interim one bit.

Eon Heath said...

Hey Gal...
tu sirf bol, cal llagau saudi se?? koi pareshaan kar raha hai?? uthwa lu?

all ok gal??

interims matter at the moment, not in the long run..
just hold will pass...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Damn right.

The end, if is right, just helps in forgetting faster.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Philophobic said...

Missing an opportunity to cry over a missed opportunity is a missed opportunity in its own right.

Artemisia D. said...

Haha anything I say wont mean much different than the people above so I'm going to ahead and say, I feel that bruv. Fo realz. Peace. I'm out.