Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dully turning 19 in two hours. 
It doesn't feel great. 


Ovais said...

Sorry for being absent from commenting for so long, I was.. going through hell.

I'm turning 19 on December 24th.
And the world will celebrate, but I won't.

So you're not alone in not feeling that great.

IceMaiden said...

I know the feeling. Happy Birthday anyway. I am very happy that you were born so you could blog this well you see. :) *hugs*

My birthdays from 18 onwards pretty much sucked... and on my 21st EVERYONE forgot it was my birthday. Including my best friend, who proceeded to hug me, kind of like the everyday hug, and THEN she realized. Ugh. Was so not fun, that one.

Next Monday is my 24th. And the fact that I feel so... old, is making me wish I skip the whole damn month of December. :/


Red Handed said...

20 wudnt be a surprising happening either...
Life goes on babe..
Okie now cheer up :D

Red Handed said...

and btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May u get whtever u truly desire this yr :)