Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't judge me. Pleeej!

I'm sitting here, in front of the computer, with 1000 (yep.) random thoughts in my head, all struggling to find space with each other. That's maybe because I have nothing better to do than to think but you don't really have to feel that way.
There's a part of me which thinks I've become quite a snoopy bitch. True story. I don't know, when I see someone not good in something getting more than they deserve, I go friggin' nuts. But then, you might ask, that who-the-hell do I think I am that I should be judging people, and concluding about how good or bad they are? But then I do. And you can't help it.
Does that make me a snob? Probably. No.
Let me explain.
I believe, that in everybody's brains, even the ones' with hollow ones, there is a small center, which makes opinions. It's almost like, this center makes opinions about everything. About how awesome or crappy the food is. About how much you're friend's breath stinks. About how cold/hot/warm/bearable the water is when you fill your buckets for the shower. Yep. It is like that. Loads of 'em, opinions. Well, my center makes opinions at a frequency of 1 opinion/ second. Yes, trust me. And I tend to decide, in my brain-center, that this soandso person sucks or is awesome. Just-like-that.
And if this soandso person, who sucks, tends to get things that he/she doesn't deserve, I go mad. But then again, if a person better than me is getting things that he/she deserves, I don't complain, coz they're good.
It works that way, the effing-brain-centre. Getit?
Then, there's this part of me that thinks I might be dying. Trust me, I know. I'm getting the signs. Not everybody has such a sad and pathetic life. Its just me, and a few other geniuses, who are well, already dead.
I've been pouting in extreme sadness, since morning, and my mum wants me to stop it, and says, that I irritate her so much. [the Signs :( ]

P.S. Isn't this a sad post? If i have new readers who'd read this post, and their effing-brain-center will make an opinion that this blog is lame. Only that it is not. Isn't that sad?

P.P.S My other blog won an award for me being a stylish blogger, isn't that nice? Now, smile, yo!


Anonymous said...

Awwwwee it's the i-got-nothing-to-do kinda depression? It'll be okay ;) *hugz*

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Lame? I found it amusing.

And more amusing is that you count the number of thoughts and the rate at which the opinions are made. In my case, ideas are rare and sporadic.

Blasphemous Aesthete

The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi
It aint lame...well this is your space, have fun gal...reading it is surely fun...yes everyone is very much opinionated, like i said earlier,the wise keep it in them, the others, well, they prove themselves right... ;)

The Silhouette...

p.s.- sorry for fiddling with that shout widget....i luvd it!!! :D

aakash said...

:) My mind is stirred, so expect a long comment :|
I definitely differ on this 1. One thing I have learned in life(not forcing on you though) is that opinions doesn't matter. They are just perspectives, endless, and all are based on a set of conditions associated with individuals. I am a selfish bug for some people and a sweet friend for other. Both may be right at their place. Point is simple. Why to judge others, when there judgments don't matter to us.
On the part of you being sad, I totally believe in the saying, "the less you know, the better it is". A fool finds a heaven in this place, while you and me might see it as hell. Be a fool.

Sourav said...

Such is life, and you are completely sane. Such thoughts are in each one of us, so just let it be.
And yes thanks for passing on that award Meher :)

Splurgerina said...

This post made me chuckle!! :D I'm glad there is at least someone I know who says it exactly like it is! "And then there is a part of me that thinks I might be dying" LOL! You are absolutely fine're just a thinker and of a creative mindset...and the more creative a person is the more they tend to over think and analyze everything and the more complicated everything becomes...which is ok..just means that you are smarter than most people and can see things that most people don't/can't! Hope that made!

Crazy Diamond said...

be real, that's what matters. no matter how you think! just be real. like u are :) its all good

and congratulations sylish blogger :>

WarmSunshine said...

nah ur blog isn't lame... i find it cute! the cute teen blog :P

Meher S B said...

@Drama Personified thank you. *Hugs back*

@Blasphemous Aesthete Oh no! That was obviously an exaggerated statement that I cracked, but yes, I do form a lot of opinions.

@The Silhouette Like I said, have fun. =)

Meher S B said...

@Aakash Here you're talking about how somebody else's opinion does not matter to you and that how its just a perspective. But tell me aakash, does your own personal opinion matter to you, or do you rubbish each and every one of them? I'm sure they do. I don't care much of everybody's opinions too, but yes, my opinion kinda makes sense to me. And In the post, I totally mean it that way. =)

@Sourav You make me feel sane so many times. =)

@Splurgerina You're so true. I tend to over-think and Over-analyse so much. S think the same. Sigh me!

@Diamond Thank you. *hugs*

@Warm Sunshine aww, thank you.

vineet said...

sad post fr sure bt dont knw y u came up wit dis, i mean its n honor to win an award n as in blogging sphere, u r rocking..high time..njoy the show

aakash said...

Hehe... I guess I keep on contradicting my own opinions so bloody often, I can't really rely on them :P

MangoMan said...

Judgemental eh. Why do I think that you just hate it when people judge you! I liked the post. Honesty. Like.

AL said...

Lollll Niceeee

Anonymous said...

hello love, i don't think your blog is lame at all... seriously, it's far from the definition of the word... yep, i kinda agree with this post... most often thank not, my mind is giving thoughts and opinions that i don't really want to think about... it's weird actually. haha.

whatever it is, dear, be strong... and no, you are not the only one in this world who can feel whatever it is that you are feeling. trust me.
(so now i'm judging?!)


p.s. i'm your 100th follower. shouldn't i be receiving an award too? haha. kidding.

Meher S B said...

@Vineet haha, thanks.

@Aakash :P

@MangoMan coz this post was written in a fit of emotion. As much as i like it or hate it, no one can avoid being judged =)

@Al thanks for the follow.

@Haze you've made me so happy with your post. A big hug, for rounding of the 100.

Phoenix said...


lots of love!