Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm a victim to the impact of these words.

Like a child isolated,
away from blissful existence,
and simplified chaos.
Searching for peace,
holding his hand,
resting her head
on his warm heart.
Peace, with his assuring words,
and simmering kisses,
and long, ever lasting hugs.
Of beautiful eyes,
and strong, worked on hands,
leaving drunk kisses
on her crimson cheeks.
Peace, who drew her like a magnet would,
like assertion would,
like love would,
only to leave her finding her way again.
and as she ran about in blue polka dotted knickers,
chasing Peace after,
he chose to play, wily games of hide and seek,
and as tears dried up in her insides,
and choked her from within,
with the words barely coming by,
he just sat aloof,
and chose to wonder why?


Silence Unplugged. said...

<3<3 Spellbinding.

Soumi said...

OMG!That's so beautiful!I'm gonna write something right now!I'm so inspired!