Thursday, January 26, 2012

Subtle aggravation.

I've always been expected to be the stoic kind, sifting through men, as seamlessly as the waves, eerily expressionless.
They say that I carry myself with a mysterious sense of detachment, scampering along with a comfortable sense of isolation. My socialization is limited to my trysts in the bedroom, the aftermath happening with the guy slowly treading out, perturbed by my lack of emotion.
My aloof existence has sparked discussions of a perhaps abused childhood, and the likes. My apathetic solitude and the lack of aggravation pertaining to it, ruffles quite a few of those hopefuls trying to squeeze their hands between my legs.
This feeling of disengagement hasn't been developed overnight. A heartbreak, three deaths, and after having been lost in a trail of smoke, it wasn't hard to be stoic.
They say, I lack drama.
Why not see the world inside my head?


Soumi said...

They say,I'm scared of myself,I'm scared of opening up because I know once I let the curtains drop,it's not pretty.Why not see the way this world has stripped me off my last drop of skin?And it was a show they all enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

jesus. you are so full of it. You're a whore. That's what you are. Stop trying to ostracize stuff in your life. Shit happens. People survive, bitch.

Meher said...

@Dear anonymous
Know what fiction is? I suppose not. Read up on it.
With Regards (not),

Silence Unplugged. said...

meher, ur one of the finest writer i ve come across! I love every post of urs..!
I keep looking forward to every time u write! :)

vishal mannve said...

I love this one Meher!!
I guess Mr Anon should remain that way because he's got no balls to claim what he believes in...
I myself have tried helping a friend who underwent Trauma and abuse so,I can Pinpoint how difficult it gets!!!

People do survive but With a Shallow Heart Unless Hope Binds Them with their Loved ones!!!