Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful pain.

Sitting in stoned silence,
wiping away tears of solitude.
heaving with claustrophobia,
she seemed beautiful, nonetheless.
A picture of pain..
deeply etched, in firm secrecy.
She would not cry.
Silently ignoring the stares,
she seemed oblivious to it all.
Beautiful, nonetheless.
I ached to know her,
to feel her silent agony.
Suddenly she shivers,
It seems as if she has woken up at last,
from the dreamy abeyance that had captured her this long
She slowly slips away,
as unassuming as she was.
She was beautiful, nonetheless.


AS said...

Silent sufferer in the pangs of separation, expressing the helpless in a very feminine way. The pearls from the eyes, for the lost love, lost to the world and to him.

Ajay Kontham™ said...

Wow! Wonderfully written! :) Like the tone of the lines.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And she will be loved. I remember that song... ask her if she want's to stay alive.

And nice blog title. Its cool.

Blasphemous Aesthete

UjjwalRaaj said...

This reminds me of a certain someone. It's stark and staring right into my face.

Meher S B said...

@AS Maybe, the pearls from the eye are for a lost love or to beat the pangs of loneliness.

@Ajay Thanks =]

@Blasphemous Aesthete And she will be loved, aah! Maroon 5, yes. Awesome song. But why the mention? And the blog title, I just cooked it up. thanks =P

@UjjwalRaaj Stark, apt word. =]

P@ul@mi said...

you know what, this poem would have gone really well with "The Virgin Suicide" post of mine.

awesome post.

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Sana Ali said...

Ohmygosh I'm new to your blog and I absolutely loved this

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I love how this is written. Very beautiful and chilling.

D2 said...

And she wakes up to realize her pain disappears and yet, she remains beautiful, nonetheless.
Absolutely loved it.

Sourav C. Pandey said...

"I ached to know her,
to feel her silent agony" - been there!

Says more thn the words in your post...

MangoMan said...

Haunting. Obviously beautiful. Picturesque. Puzzling.

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The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi

Pain is good, makes you feel alive...i loved the way you portray emotions...will read your other posts soon...
Pain of separation, pain of something left undone, unsaid, pain of something left behind, something left incomplete....pain, someone gifted...
"deja vu"

The Silhouette...

Meher S B said...

@P@ul@mi I know. There is an eerie similarity between the two.

@Sana Ali thanks much. =]

@The Many Colours Of Happiness Thanks. Appreciate it.

@D2 Damn. You're comment makes me feel like I'm in seventh heaven, considering this is the first time that you have been so appreciative of me. Thanks.

Meher S B said...

@Sourav I know. Sometimes, words are not enough.

@MangoMan Thankyou.

@Blogjunta Aww guys, thanks much.

@The Silhouette Very true.

vineet said...

good 1,nice template n ulti header plus title,as of poem well kinda singin it...lovely n part it was shrt n crispy n still nt empty, impressv

Fatima said...

Well this is the first time I'm reading your blog and it seems interesting and nice:)

Pain is something you can't run away from though you might deny. This poem portrayed it beautifully...and I just love the imagery you created could imagine things so well!

Take Care,

P.S: Hey do visit my blog too if you wish...