Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I've been getting a tad too serious on my personal blog,ain't I?
I saw Aisha yesterday.Very girly,totally unrelatable but it was was fun.It was slightly stupid,but what the heck,it had Sonam Kapoor.Enough temptation,that.I love her.She has to be the most gorgeous thing on the screen and I could turn lesbian for her.Lol,no,just kiddin'.But she's gorgeous.
And its got Abhay Deol,who for me is the most *drool-worthy* guy on the screen after Aamir Khan.I love him so.And the movie's got awesome clothes.Some of which,I'd like to own myself.
And the music is so good.Amit Trivedi is THE man. \m/
Have been watching a lot of movies lately.Its fun.But I can't wait to get occupied,like totally occupied again.
More on that front,later.


WarmSunshine said...

i liked aisha... had no story in particular but it was so girly... loved the outfits!

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@WarmSunshine the outfits,yes.*sigh*

UjjwalRaaj said...

Okay. That movie sucked. Abhay Deol kicks ass. Sonam......well....I think she should stick to magazine covers. I love Amit Trivedi's work. I think he's very underrated...all his productions are brilliant. From the small time Udaan to Dev D and Wake up Sid. He won the national award this year. yaay.

Splurgerina said...

Love Abhay Deol..he's soo cute!!

Neeha said...

I watched Aisha loved her attitude n outfits..
After watching I HATE LUV STORIES even I tweeted the same
'I don't mind turning gay for Sonum'.
She's lookng grt des days.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@UjjwalRaaj Abhay DEol is fawesome.C'mon,Sonam's better than that.And Amit Tivedi deserved his award every bit. :)

@Splurgerina me too.

@Neeha She always looked gorgeous.Not particularly a good actress,but still not that bad.
Thanks for dropping by,though.

et said...

I haven't watched Aisha , yet. But Sonam kapoor is awesome ^_^. Also, I liked your blog's header.

Meher S B said...

@et you bet,she is.Thanks for visitng.

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Haven't watched Aisha, but seeing some non-serious note on your blog was a positive change and yes, enjoy your off time :)