Sunday, January 23, 2011


Why the fuck do people set a fucking yardstick that everyone has to comply with? So what if you have 500 fucking pics on facebook whereas I have just a 100, most hidden. What the bloody difference does it make if you change your display picture twice every fucking day, whereas mine has remained the same since 1921?  And, and, and I will not, come-what-may, entertain your lame inquiries as to why I haven't put up my own pic on fb since ages, now.
Go, fuck yourself, if you can.
In other words, you may talk to the hand. 

I just wrote this epic status on facebook that i loved. Thought I'd share it here. It was conceived while trying to separate a milk bikis cream biscuit.
*trying to separate a cream biscuit into two with one part retaining the cream is a very tense moment with great responsibility attached to it.*

Milk bikis, you get the final bow. =) ♥ 

UPDATE:  since the post didn't have a pic, i thought i'l add a pic of a perfectly separated milk bikis biscuit. =P


Phoenixritu said...

Love the status message. And don't get pressurized by what others say and do - it is pointless. What you say and do is the most important thing for you

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Use a knife, or maybe let the tongue do the cleaning up of the part to be scraped off the cream.

Blasphemous Aesthete

The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi
Well, what to say...'U' are U after aptly named..
hmmm...Milk Bikis...cream biscuits...nice!!


The Silhouette...

WarmSunshine said...

hehe thanks a creative status message!

Splurgerina said...

LOL!! Facebook and all the drama attached to it...sometimes I think of reactivating my account and then I read about stuff like this and I'm like No..nevermind..I am better off without! :) Status = Super cute!

AS said...

A nice satire ..

Schizophrenic said...

I love milk bikis too!!

btw why care what people have to say, milk bikis need our attention n not losers! :)

Meher S B said...

@Pheonixritu I try not to be bothered. =)

@Blasphemous Aesthete The tongue always does the cleaning.

@The Silhouette haha, you should eat it. 'Tis tasty.

@Warm Sunshine Hehe, thanks.

Meher S B said...

@TheSplurgerine Don't go. And thanks.

@AS thanks.

@schizoprenic yay!

Mehak said...

hehe, i totally second what u say about ppl pestering to put up pics on fb. :P it's super irritating.

btw, just a suggestion, the widget you've put on the left of the blog with the speech bubble is kind of distracting.. the blog was better without it but then, it's your blog so i hope i'm not coming across as another pesterer. lol that's not even a word. :P

aakash said...

LoL.. that's a whole lot of fuck to be in a single status :D
Have you noticed, the part of biscuit that's not having cream looks so lame :|