Monday, August 2, 2010

Rain,love and everything thats happy :)

I'm sitting here and writing this post,I'd rather..
-go for a trek on a hill,scream my lungs out,in my fawesome voice (for no particular reason),drench myself,and sit down,content and go berserk in the weather.just like that.
-walk..along clean roads(which aren't water logged :P),get wet in the rain,and have steaming hot cuppa coffee..
-run to delhi (if only it were that close *sigh*) ♥
-find comfort in the arms of a super soft teddy bear (its a lovely feeling)
-go to marine drive,get wet,and let the water from the sea fall all over me(trust me,Mumbai is the place to be during the rains)
-play my playlist,switch on the a/c,get under the softest shawl possible and sleep.
But,I'm sitting here writting this..
yo,am a loser.


Splurgerina said...

Sucks doesn't it?? Life is full of would've could've should've..sigh!!

nikita said...

u said what's in my heart..
its been ages i had felt the fresh air .....

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@Splurgerina...totally sucks.infact,its pretty lame :(

@Nikita...we need to get out,and let out hair loose. :)

illusionaire said...

:) not understanding why you wanna avoid the waterlogged roads and yet try to get wet from the rain :D

Wanna do the same thing on a hill too, about going to a deserted unexplored hill all alone and just go completely wild and crazy, but first make sure people from National Geographic are not nearby shooting a documentary :D

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@Illusionaire....water logged roads,are a real mess,not to forget the hoardes of creatures that are swimming in the waters.
And when you'd go on a hill,true,important to check out whether the nat geo people are there...or else,we'd provide them with interesting tv fodder..!!:P

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The Solitary Writer said...


D2 said...

I wish I could do so many things but I feel stuck where I am.
You read my thoughts somehow!
Deep, yet so simple. Nice one. :)