Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yet another year....

Krishna Mandar was sitting on his favourite couch.He had got it from Spain when he had gone for vacationing with his family last year.That was the last vacation he had  had with his son,Raj,who was now studying in Switzerland.His daughter was away for a shopping spree with her friends to London.God,that girl so loved to shop!If she had her way,she'd spend all the money that he had acquired  earned on her shopping.He let out a small chuckle.
He was scheduled to meet his secretary now and then the destitute slum people half an hour later,but that can wait.The independence day speech was more important.
Roy entered the minister's palatial house.It was beautiful with rich french interiors.A common man would wonder how the minister could afford that with a 20K salary.But Roy knew the secrets.He was the inside man.
"Here comes,my man",exclaimed the minister as he settled down with a scotch,"So what's the deal tomorrow.The Independence day,eh?".
"Hmmm,yeah.You've been invited to the Varsity B-school for the flag hoisting ceremony",he stated as he fumbled with some sheets.
"So,you would be invited to grace the occasion with a speech,so I thought we should discuss what you would like to talk about",he replied.
Roy was waiting for a reply.
"I don't want a Q&A round.These kids,they end up asking anything dragging me into futile controversies",was all he said.
Roy sighed,"Allright.I'l notify them about it.So,what would you want to talk about?Inflation,the CWG fiasco...and.."
"No no,are you mad?No contoversies please",interrupted the minister.
"What then?"
"oh,the usual.Poverty,education..."
"Won't that be a tad too repetetive?"
"Ah...who cares?Flag hoist karke,do teen shabd bol kar chal aayenge,bas."
This was yet another independence day,thought Roy.Yet.Another.
"Allright.I'll get the speech written in an hour.Should I get the car drawn,you need to visit the slum dwellers now?"
"Kya?Oh,yeah...nahi,they can wait.I'll go get some nap.This conversation has tired me to no end."
"But sir,you'd get late."
"Chalega,let it be.And yeah,Preeti needed some money in London.Get the bank to wire some to her,like 3000$.I'll go,get some sleep."

God,how much he hated this job,he sighed,as he left the mansion.


Anonymous Someone said...

hated the job, but still did not leave it. Why? too afraid to loose the good money that he was earning? or too old to reform now?
This mentality of ours has often cost us a lot that we dont realize.
Nice post.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

Didn't leave it,because he'd be a government servant.That would earn him loads of liabilities.Free electricity..blah blah.
Yes,he could have revolted,but he didn't.*Our mentality*.
Thanks for dropping by.

Jaspreet said...

Hey Meher, first of all, Thanks a lot for voting for me.This was my first attempt at BAT and a vote in the very 1st attempt is certainly encouraging.Thank you so much :)

About this post....This is the typical mentality of most of us.Most of the times, we find ourselves doing jobs that we never wanted to do just because of the money/perks.
Very well put!

Karan Agrawal said...

Hey Meher, it was nice meeting you in person! I loved the article... btwn is that inspired one? If yes... its ok... everyone gets inspired by some or the other stuff... and if that is all original... kudos, You and Chetan Bhagat think alike! lol

Check this out:

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

Jaspreet..girl you deserved the vote though.and thanks.

@Karan Agrawal ..hey,its inspired,not.And if me and Chtan Bhagat think alike,that dosen't make me really happy. :(

Crazy Diamond said...

Hmmm....i wish I was the girl in London



Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@Crazy Diamond..yeah,and have your father wire 3000$ to you