Sunday, November 21, 2010


The heart was on fire,
perhaps,a drag would do.
As the smoke rised,
she descended into nothingness.
She thinks,
Claustrophobia creeps in.
With trembling hands,
she searches for the needle.
She lets out a cry,
slumps to the ground,
wails in despair.
Had he done this to her?
reduced her to despair.
His love,now seemingly unreal..
She withers,
and cries.
It took her this,
to find out what cruelty was all about.
She ran all over the place,
knocking down everything.
Her emotions.
Her wails.
The furniture.
Her seeking eyes,rested on the needle.
Her hands went for it,
And as she thrust it into her,
sweet pain engulfed her.
Leaving her void,calm.


Jeweliot said...

oich ouch poichhh!

MangoMan said...

Serene. Painful. Real. Un-real.

rainboy said...

dark n sweet.
loved it. :)