Monday, November 29, 2010

Turning 18

Does it come with any sort of new liberties?Staying out late at night,and perhaps taking in my frustration with two shots of vodka?Or is it about how desperately people are expecting you to behave your age.When I look back and think,of all those 18 years.The moments that I can recall.The times when I was the victim,in pain.Those times,when I cried my gut out.Those times,when I was the bitch.And those that just cornered me.
Memories get blurred as we move on,there isn't much to complain about the past.But the most satisfying aspect is if you've been honest to yourself.That counts,having a clear conscience.Not everybody has the guts to stand up and say they've done wrong.I'm one of the few who do.Am I swaggering?Hell,no.I'm just being honest.
Sometimes,its like being caught up in a whiff of emotions when everyone around you has an opinion about you.But you know the biggest liberty of turning 18?You're opinion isn't ignored anymore.You're allowed to stand up for what you think is right.There are thousand of judgements passed,hell lot of accusations made.But still,its much easier to stand and say,that you know what you're doing.I just did that last night.It was easy.I like being 18.


Schizophrenic said...

My congratulations for turning 18!

18 is about fulfilling expectations and asserting rights!! huge battle ahead so my best wishes to you :)

MangoMan said...

You're 18!!! Damn! I mean, in a good way! Chalo, have the time of your life till your world starts sucking a little bit more!

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Porn, drugs, and all that is what you'd do now? :P
Joking, welcome to the world of thinking creeps! *sigh*

Mehak said...

A belated Happy Birthday Meher! Whatever the world says, and whatever you feel inside, be sure to just do what feels right and enjoy yourself! damn, i wish i could be 18 again, not that anything significant happened at that time, but still, it's SO young! lol
i have been terribly busy and hence out of touch with blogging. promise to catch up soon and check out your new blog too! :)

UjjwalRaaj said...

Wow. You're like 3 days younger to me. And your email has the stones in it. wohoo!

Happy belated birthday.

It feels free. You can go buy a pack of cigarettes with full confidence.

Go in to a club without wondering if you'd be let in.

You can get caught driving and say you left your license at home and not get prosecuted for underage driving.

Sex is legal....for guys at least...

The dude at the wine and beer shop won't hesitate to sell to you . Especially if you have a car for transportation.

You can use your right to vote and vote for 'zero' candidate, which will wreak havoc in your constituency.

The possibilities are endless... haha.

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

@sneha I know.all geared up.thanks.

@MangoMan yeah,18,phew..!!thanks.

@Sourav C. Pandey no porn,no drugs.Thanks.

@Mehak its all in the head.18 seems good there.Thanks a lot.Waiting patiently.

@UjjwalRaaj thanks a ton for dropping by and thanks for the follow.
Endless true.