Thursday, February 2, 2012

Closure- Fantabulous, day 2.

Closure is a funny conspiratorial word. And the human mind is a deceiving scumbag. It searches for contentment, albeit a temporary one in every sphere of life. Complacency of work, of friendship, and of love.
And love comes with its own temporary illusions,
and exciting perturbedness. 

"And as we tread the excluded lines,

and as we fluster with fear,
of what might be induced,
that obstructed feeling,
that we've tried being oblivious to. 
But then as we held hands tights,
and mustered incoherent words of amour,
we knew the world just comprised,
of us two."

And then, we concluded, the world was pretty small, after all. 

The inspiration behind the post
P. S. That was my second post for Fantabuous February!
You can read Kanika's post about it, here.


Soumi said...

Meher,you're seriously going to post every day this month?Wow!That's pretty ambitious!And more so when you happen to be a blogger who doesn't post a few pictures of 'what I wore today' along with a few anecdotes.The very idea of coming up with something like this post every day makes me feel emotionally drained and exhausted.I checked Kanika's post too and tried to write about it but whatever I wrote seemed stupid.So,I didn't post anything at all! I'll write about it later though but that's different.Anyway,all I can say is BEST OF LUCK!You girls have a HUGE task ahead.I wish you both all the luck in the world because what you're set to achieve is pretty daunting.

kanika said...

Soumi! Don't ever think anything you write is stupid. The worst way to feel horrible is to not think you're good at something (I think, I don't know you very well) that you enjoy.
There is no good or bad in writing something that expresses how you feel about something you read, saw or heard. Don't undermine yourself. I hope you'll join us sometime this month. :)
Meher tum toh yeh lo: <3

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Even love, amour, is a funny thing.

Interesting read.

Blasphemous Aesthete