Monday, February 13, 2012

Mazed out lights.

I lose you in the maze for outcasts,
and valiantly searching,
I embark onto a life utterly unknown,
that warrants wait
and delay.
And in your masked-out utterances,
I search for the truth,
loosing myself in the mesh.
As the uncertain puzzles,
fail to fit in,
I find myself disoriented
in the times to come.

P. S. The picture has been clicked by me. What do you guys think?


Meghana said...

Took some time to sink in.

Beautiful, though.

Soumi said...

You're one hell of a brave girl,Meher! Fantabulous February has been so exhausting,thanks to Kanika that I toh couldn't even have thought about writing anything else!And here you are,NEVER running short of words,never sounding repetitive...Are you on 'creativity pills'?;-)

Dreaming Wanderer said...

yep.. soumi's rite.. ur words dont sound repetitive at all.. this poem's short but it's yet quite deep.. beautiful words meher..