Thursday, February 16, 2012

The vehicle.

Its a ride I've been in for far too long. 
As the vehicle of hesitation wobbles along, 
I cannot help but smile 
at the irony and twisted fate. 
'Cause we aren't just two passengers in the trials of time.  
Would have been easier if we were. 
'Cause our souls are subliminally intertwined.
And as much as we writhe,
in the pangs of separation, 
we must often succumb to the hands of deals gone awry,
of plans failing to ensue,
and of vehicles wobbling their wobbled up existence.

P. S. My most favourite fantabulous february picture ever.
Sadly, my post couldn't do justice to its awesomeness. 
Nevertheless, Kanika's post.


Meghana said...

Sigh. :)

Soumi said...

WHATAREYOUSAYING? You had me at "Its a ride I've been in for far too long." That was the key line. But didn't solve the puzzle nevertheless.:-(

Dreaming Wanderer said...

wish d wobbling would cease..
may b u din't do justice to d pic according to u..

but left alone, ur words r quite rite..

Marita Abraham said...

Wobble wobble. It went along with my music. :D

On a more serious note, I thought the post was wonderful.