Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I think I can.

It isn't an overbearing grief,
well, it just tugs at your pillow,
when you're fighting sleep.
Not much to fret over,
just insides crying,
and resisting restraint.
I think I can overcome
this manipulation of affliction,
not much,
just some colours of rue,
that will soon disintegrate
into tomorrow.
I think I can,
while trying to forget your crimson lips,
and all your tribulation that came with it.
In the momentary pain that followed,
smiles were discovered
and nurtured,
and saved,
in the treasuries one holds to heart.
So, unearthing papers of doom,
I just chose to scribble,
hard determined words of wisdom.
and then chose to open up,
to a sunlight of deep contentment.
I knew I could.

 P. S. This article is for Kanika's Fantabulous February series.
I love that girl. I love her BLOG more.
Do check it out.
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Soumi said...

Such a refreshing one!It exudes positivity!A blogger you follow?Following her right up!

Dreaming Wanderer said...

yes u can.. :) hope the pain's lesser now.. well written.. :)

Anonymous said...

Great poem! keep up the good work :)

Red Handed said...

a fresh breath of positivity this was!