Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He was a sweet boy.

He was a sweet boy, with emotions seeping into his inner self, and resting mum on his lips.
He was considerate, in ways that deemed understanding improbable.
He was kind and innocent, with his innocence melting your heart enough to make you want to nurture it.
He loved, like a child, as ferociously and with unwavering passion.
Until, he grew up. Well, one could say there is nothing wrong with that. Growing up comes with its share of lessons, right?
But no, he grew up and outshone us all. Soon, we were small ants in his world of flickering lights, and ants are small, and are ignored.
Soon enough, he said the unexpected.
Soon enough, there was no more to hear of him again.

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Soumi said...

Look who's back! I hate it when you're gone! I LOVE your blog! That was like #sayingalotwithoutreallysayinganything...
Anyway,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE...Do write for Fantabulous February tomorrow! It'll be the last FF post ever! And I'm starting 'Memorable March' though it'll be somewhat different. I'd be really glad if you participate.