Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Don't you find Hugh Grant as the ultimate hotness? I mean, here is this guy, so good looking, and with officially the sexiest Brit accent ever,  and an amazing singer [Read: Meaningless kiss is Music&Lyrics] , he has to be totally irresistible.

Yes, women, he's that hot.

Did you guys check out the Oscars? No Jesse Eisenberg for the Social Network. Wtf! I was rooting for him so bad. I mean, Colin Firth was all good in The King's speech, and was rightfully appreciated, but Jesse just slips into the character of Mark Zuckerberg . In fact, he seems more a real Mark Zuckerberg than the real Mark Zuckerberg himself. He almost seems like he was born to play him. Oh, and Halle Berry looked stunning on the red carpet, she was so beautiful in her nude crystal gown.

Don't you think?

 Okay, tata. Quickie over.


WarmSunshine said...

i sure think he's a hot daddy!! man!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, i ♥ hugh grant!

Vikas Chandra said...

yeah the zuckerburg guy did well, but Colin Firth yaar was better, I mean more oscars type..

anyways i will read further of your posts!

Phoenix said...

hugh grant is simply oomphilicious!! :)

Philophobic said...

Hugh Grant was awesome when he was younger and wrinkle free. It was more about the way he used sardonic British humour, mostly. At least that's what I think. :D

Sam B said...

I was rooting for Inception for best film.

And yes hugh grant is damn hot. Steamin ;)

And thanks for following and I love ur blog!!

Splurgerina said...

Agree...I was on team social network!! But somewhere in my heart I knew they wouldn't get it!! :( And yes love Halle..love Hugh Grant :D

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I want to hate him but he's just too pretty *sigh*
And yeah, Jesse definitely should have gotten it, he was amazing!

Meher S B said...

@Warm sunshine oh, yes he is.

@Haze me too. =)

@Vikas Chandra Colin firth was good, but for me, Eisenberg was so much more natural.

@Phoenix yep, he is.

@Philophobic Exactly, his humour, very sarcastic, very ironic, yet put across as a matter-of-fact way is the sexiest thing about him.

@sam B Thank you.

@Splurgerina Yeah, the odds were in favour of Colin Firth all the way.

@The Many Colours Of Happiness He's too sexy, yes. Eisenberg was amazing, he so should have got it.

Cyniqueen said...

Hugh Grant is charming and funny and cute. And I looove that picture of him you posted.

And I like the randomness of this post :)